Lenders with Promissory Notes

Lenders with promissory notes now give urgent cash to more people than before. So where are these lenders located?

If people who want to withdraw after a blacklist of a bank institution are not given a loan in this sense, it is possible to apply for credit purchase over the deed.

The person who borrowed with promissory notes by an institution and who will have to pay more than the banks can choose to choose from any of those who give credit with promissory notes.

In this sense, it is considered as the last hope that people who are included in the blacklists of the bank institutions to obtain credit with promissory notes.

Places that give credit with promissory notes 2019


with branches in Turkey and shares on signing the loan yield forming banks are located within the Agricultural Bank and Good Finance. Although credit efficiency with the deed is valid for businesses in Good Finance, individual loan withdrawal status is not a subject.

The type of loan is determined as warehouse financing and all the goods in the warehouse are determined for the use of the loan. Although Good Finance is among the lenders with the promissory note, it is possible to benefit from low-budget loans that are valid for a short term period.

Credit Attracting Firms

There are companies that pay monthly installments to the person whose credit has been taken by making a loan on the deed. These companies, which make the loan withdrawals, due to their needs on behalf of those who can not withdraw loans because they are in the ranking of the banks, have a monthly bank installment and signing promissory notes by including their own amounts.

In case this payment is not paid, the companies have the right to seize the property of the person through foreclosure. Therefore, it should be considered in detail whether or not the loan can be paid before these companies are infected.

Jewelers Making Money With Promissory Notes

Jewelers Making Money With Promissory Notes

Because of the gold reserves located within the jewelers took place in Turkey’s institutions of cash on hand. Although it is known that many jewelers give cash money with promissory notes, it is known that if the gold on the side of the person is destroyed and the required money is not enough, it has been added.

During this transaction, the person is debited to the jeweler upon entering the amount of the receivable by signing the deed. It is possible for a person who takes part in the banks’ land ranking to get the debt to the jewelers and pay the debt back to the jeweler in case the money is stuck.

Credit with a promissory note over GSM line

Instant requirements can be met with the credit purchase defined on the line of postpaid line users. Although there are regions that provide credit with promissory notes over the GSM line, some conditions are sought in these places.

The first of these conditions is that the postpaid line of the person who will borrow with the promissory note is opened in his name. It is important to pay the monthly invoices of the postpaid line in an orderly manner, and if the postpaid line has just been purchased, a minimum of 6 months must pass.

For those who use the web access of the operator with the modem at home, this process is determined as a minimum of 1 year. For those who want to purchase credit with a promissory note over the postpaid line, the credit efficiency status is between 1.000 USD and 10.000 USD.

Credit with Promissory Notes over Factoring Companies

It is an obvious fact that finance and factoring companies provide loans to citizens within their own structure. Being included in the banks’ land ranking results in a negative answer regardless of which bank institution they go to withdraw.

While finding a loan of up to 20.000 USD by finding a factoring or financial company is the subject of the issue, this is done on the deed.

Although this deed to be signed by the two parties is made before the notary public, the parties have the opportunity to take legal action if the contract is in violation of the contract. These firms apply more interest transactions than banks.

Points to be Considered in the Purchase of the Credit

There are some points that need to be taken into consideration while purchasing credit through lenders. Before the contract is signed, all the terms of the contract must be read carefully.

In case the parties violate the contract, the subject of the word that they can apply to any legal way is included in the contract, but in case of taking credit over the deed, these signatures should be made before the notary public.

It is known that many small-scale organizations or individuals that generate credit efficiency with the deed create serious problems in people’s lives due to fraud.

For this reason, the place where the loan will be obtained with the promissory note must be researched and found.