Reasons for No Credit

There are several reasons for the lack of credit. The main reasons for this are the low level of credit ratings, the execution of credit payments, or the lack of social security.

The low credit rating is a process that takes time and takes it extra time again. Late or not paid loan installments gradually decrease the credit rating.

Credit rating


As the credit rating changes to low levels where credit is not available, applications to banks begin to return with a rejection response. There are a few things that need to be done after this minute.

First of all, to structure debts and make payments on time. However, cash needs arise in order to configure payments and extend maturities.

Cash is a big problem for people who cannot take credit. At this stage, companies giving loans against promissory notes come into play. The fact that credit payments are followed at the executive level is also a situation that prevents the credit rating from rising and does not allow credit purchases.

The companies that provide loans with promissory notes also support this process with a professional eye by informing about how the execution proceedings can be corrected. Thus, both the loan is structured and a sound assurance is established to avoid the same problem in the next process.

Not being subject to GFI assurance and not showing income on the document are among the reasons for not getting credit. Banks do not trust people who do not have this type of GFI and can not certify, so they do not provide credit facilities. Companies that offer loan opportunities in exchange for promissory notes create a loan opportunity by intermediating with banks.

Money is given with a promissory note


In the system of obtaining credit with the promissory note, the loan application is made first, the loan application is evaluated and the loan is delivered to the needy. Hundreds of people have solved their cash needs with the credit system that has advanced in these 3 basic steps. Intermediary companies receive a small amount of commission between the banks and the banks by arranging loans. The system works this way.

In case of an urgent need for money, the form is filled in by applying to the companies that provide credit with the promissory note. Form name, last name, the Republic of Turkey identification number, income level, credit card limit status, use of credit amount, loan purchase the number of applications for the needed type of loan, your credit score is known, gsm information, city/region, details of loans and credit cards The last 6 months of payment status, legal follow-up status, documentable income amount and required loan amount are requested. In light of this information, analysis and evaluation are made.

There are suitable loan alternatives in the evaluation process. Configuration and payment options are determined for loans. With the loan payment configuration, a plan is created in which one can comfortably make payments without straining the income situation. As a result of the configurations prepared in this way, the payments can be solved easily.

Cash is given

Cash is given

Cash need is one of the biggest problems of people who have credit payment and debt problems. Payment configuration and maturity extensions cannot be made without cash. Thus, it becomes difficult to repay unplanned loans previously.

The credit rating decreases due to the loans taken sloppy without payment configuration and evaluation. This system ties the hands of people with credit debts. The companies that gave credit with promissory notes were born from this situation. Companies that meet their loan needs as intermediaries help people who need cash.

Companies, which also help solve the problem of not getting credit, solve the problem from the root. For example, they provide professional support for problems such as solving enforcement problems and increasing credit ratings.

Promissory notes

Companies providing loans with promissory notes form a solution with their cash-for-money services. Arrangement of loan debts and assessments, providing access to personal loans, determining and arranging personalized payment options can solve the credit problem of people of all income levels.

With this system, hundreds of people have found solutions to the credit problem so far. The majority of people who find cash and arrange their loans with the fast credit system benefit from this service in a satisfied manner. All information about the service is specified in the bill in detail.

The most reliable and correct address is the loan given against promissory notes in cash problems that need to meet the need immediately, such as fast loans and emergency cash loans.

The loan receipt system has been used for a long time. In terms of reliability, there has been no problem so far, the process has progressed in a balanced way for both the company and the bank and the customer.